Liquid Car Key Smart Car Alarm(688SP)

Luxury car intelligent anti-theft device in perfect compatibility with the original one button start !;

in addition to comfortable car control function, it has three-dimensional anti-theft function!


1. Remote start makes you have a driving experience of warm in winter and cool in summer!

2. Triple anti-theft skill can make you sleep at ease!

3. Password emergency unlocking can really solve your trouble of forgetting to take the key!

4. Support KOL and drop shipping;

5. Support one piece delivery.

 6. Luxury configuration is waiting for you:

 6.1 Bluetooth module turns your mobile phone into a car key instantly ;

6.2 The mobile phone auto control module makes you have no distance with your car ;

6.3 Watch car key skillfully grafts the noble taste and the convenient driving experience;

6.4 The luxury LCD key made you feel like an aristocrat for the first time.