• Cardot Watch Key Start Stop Engine Push Button Start Remote Start Car Alarm

Cardot Watch Key Start Stop Engine Push Button Start Remote Start Car Alarm

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Cardot Watch Key Start Stop Engine Push Button Start Remote Start Car Alarm

suitable car models:

This product is a universal version. In principle, it can be installed in any gasoline car without a start button.

If your original car has a start button, we have other products recommended to you.


We also have products specifically for the diesel mode of diesel vehicles, with a preheating function.


If your car is an LPG model, we have a special product for you.


product main functions

1,watch key lock and unlock
2,watch key start stop engine
3,watch key find the car
4,watch key open trunk
5,push button start
6,universal remote start stop engine
7,illegal start alarm
8,side door alarm
9,smart anti-hijack
10,have gps and bluetooth module output(optional,extra value)
11,shock sensor output(optional,extra value)
12,password keypad
13,bypass module output(optional,extra value)

product standard composition

1, main unit*1
2, Watch key*1
3, Smart key*1
4, Function wire*1
5,Start stop button*1
5, Start wire*1
6,Password keypad*1
7, HF antenna*1
8, LF antenna*2
9, LED*1
10, Reset button*1
11,Door handle trigger wire*1

optional accessories
1,shock sensor
2,Ultrasonic sensor
3, GPS module
4,Bypass module
5, Window closer module
6, Bluetooth module
7, start panel

if you want to add mobile phone control car ,you can choose gps module or bluetooth module
gps module function(optional,extra value)
1,gps tracker
2,Driving track playback
3,app lock and unlock(no distance limitation)
4,app find the car(no distance limitation)
5,app open trunk (no distance limitation)
6,app start stop engine(no distance limitation)
7,sms and phone alarm(no distance limitation)
8,bluetooth function

bluetooth module
1,bluetooth lock and unlock
2,bluetooth start stop engine

remote control(extra value)

start stop button(extra value)

start panel( extra value)

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